Sebastian Brendel

„German Canoe Racer | 3x Olympic Champion | 8x World Champion | 13x European Champion | Eyes on Tokyo 2020“

Canoe racing  Potsdam

Greatest successes

  • 2018: European Champion (C1 5,000m)
  • 2017: 3x World Champion (C1 1,000m and 5,000m; C4 1,000m)
  • 2017: 2x European Champion (C1 1,000m and 5,000m)
  • 2016: 2x Olympic Gold Medal Winner (C1 1,000m; C2 1,000m)
  • 2016: European Champion (C1 1,000m)
  • 2015: 2x World Champion (C1 1,000m and 5,000m)
  • 2015: 2x European Champion (C1 1,000m and 5,000m)
  • 2015: Winner Europe Games (C1 1,000m)
  • 2015: Champion of the Year of the German Sports Help Foundation
  • 2014: 2x World Champion (C1 1,000m and 5,000m)
  • 2014: 2x European Champion (C1 1,000m and 5,000m)
  • 2013: World Champion (C1 5,000m)
  • 2013: European Champion (C1 5,000m)
  • 2012: Olympic Gold Medal winner (C1 1,000m)
  • 2012: European Champion (C1 1,000m)
  • 2012: Silver Laurel Leaf of the German President
  • 2011: 2x European Champion (C1 1,000m and 5,000m)
  • 2010: European Champion (C1 1,000m)


IMG_1301-700x467.jpg 35114711_1741234805963697_1560321632491274240_o.jpg 39543692_1837413859679124_5556427614928764928_o.jpg Brendel-SE-Z3538-MA-Sa-700x1152.jpg 35949074_1741234872630357_5606750587094827008_o.jpg KC-054-700x467_edited.jpg


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