Matthew Stepanov

 Russia Krasnodar Motor Sports, Formula Racing, Cart Driving ...


Speed is my passion. Behind the wheel since I was 4. Carting, ATV, MX that’s where I have some experience. Yoga, Right meal, no bad habits


Speed and corners that's what I like. Since I was young i used to ride ATV's and Carts on tracks. I feel my body extra well, that's why I am fast. Got amazing reaction: things don't even reach the floor when they fall. I do yoga, meditation, gym, running, calinestenic, health eating, cold showers, music, videos. I do it all because I love to feel myself super healthy. My passion is racing. That's what I understood when I was 4. My father used to drive a lot and fast through Europe to Russia. Genetics I got is pretty awesome. Never lost control, even if I do I dodge the crash. Got experience riding 450cc motorbike in our forests with hard terrain. I am ready to go in any place in the world, and Train. I love to win and hate to lose.

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