Announcement | Sponsoo

Dear visitors of,

We're sad to announce that, as a reaction to Vladimir Putin's unprovoked attack on Ukraine, we have stopped all business operations in Russia and Belarus. We are horrified by the war images and the crimes committed by Russian soldiers and cannot operate in such an environment.

Yet we want to make it clear that, while we condemn Putin and the war in Ukraine, we still have sympathy for the Russian population. We think that this war is the action of Russian's leadership, but doesn't reflect the values of the country as a whole (quite contrary).

If you are a Russian citizen, we urge you to think critically. If everything is alright, why did your leadership start censoring nearly the entire non-state-controlled internet? Why are your athletes not allowed to compete in international competitions - not even in the Paralympics in China or the football world cup in Qatar?

You should be allowed to make up your own mind. Use a VPN and check sources from both sides; and in any case: Spread the word and speak out against the war!